Unearthing the Citadelle Laferrière

Or is the proper name, the Citadelle Henry? The Citadelle is an enigma right down to its deepest core. As the naming convention question suggests this 19th century, heavily fortified fortress was constructed and remains showed in a cloud of mystery. Certainly when Henri Christophe, his architects and engineers were planning and erecting this military facility, the nature of it's defenses, offensive potential and construction were sacrosanct for obvious reasons.

Fast forward to the 21st century we have undertaken a project initiated by Angie Bell and Isaie "Zeek" Matias of Boujoly Films to present the Citadelle in a modern historical and culturally relevant context. The challenge we have collectively accepted is very direct, "create a book on the citadelle that will serve students and delight tourist." In effect, we seek to fill in the blanks, answer a myriad questions and hopefully generate new questions for researchers.