Christalie Parisot

  • Haitian-American TV Personality
  • Recipient of “Succession” Award from “Francophiles Sans Frontières”

Christalie Parisot is the daughter and granddaughter of renowned Haitian women of the media, and has been in the public eye since childhood. Today, she has over 19 years of experience in the media. She has hosted radio and TV shows in Haiti and in the United States

Christalie started earning an income at the age of seven, hosting a Live children’s radio show “Mini Kreyòl” with her brother Jean-Loup Parisot on “Radio Planet Kreyòl”. The show rapidly gained a vast following among children as well as adults.

At the age of twelve, Christalie relocated to the United States. However, her career does not end there. She soon became a teen show TV host for HTN, the first 24-hour Haitian TV station in the United States. The show was in English and geared towards a very mixed audience of Caribbean, Hispanic, and American people; however, Christalie always found a way to uphold her Haitian identity in the shows.

Christalie fluently speaks three languages including Creole, French, and English. Academically, she has always been a sharp student and always remained within the top ten percent of her classes. In 2006, she received “The Succession” award from “Francophiles Sans Frontières” (French-Speaking People without Borders.) Christalie has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Film, TV, and Digital Production with Highest Honors and, being person who always strives for self-improvement, she is presently pursuing her Master’s Degree in TV Management.

Christalie’s skills in the media field are vast; she’s highly experienced in producing, directing, writing, and acting as a talent for radio and TV commercials and shows. She also emcees for various major Haitian events.

Christalie has never ceased being committed to promoting her culture, the Haitian culture. She became the first Haitian to host a TV show in Creole on NBC’s Network in the United States, and with her perseverance and leadership skills, she has managed to stay on the American network, anchoring for the Haitian/Caribbean News. Her show also airs in many Caribbean Islands on Tropik TV.

Christalie is also skilled in management. She manages Imaginart Media Productions, a marketing and production company, known to serve as a direct link, introducing and connecting foreigners to the Haitian market. Imaginart specializes in the Haitian/Caribbean markets in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.