Kronos9 traces a sublime personal topography of chaos.

Linguistic juxtaposition, venerable stylistic devices laid asunder, Tweets, file lists and stream of consciousness and word play are all deconstructed by Kronos9. These are the elements codified within this new collection of experimental poetry titled: CODE POET. This collection immediately echoes the monumental changes in the mechanisms which we use to communicate in the 21st century. Kronos9, embraces the ever more entropic linguistic universe in which very modality is fighting for recognition and supremacy.

Nowhere is this truer than online where Tweets, battle pokes, battling blogs and the unending barrage of APPs carpet bombing our most intimate mobile device - our minds. Are we more alert because we are constantly bombarded with alerts? Do these communications modalities clarify, confuse or occlude context? This are the questions posited by CODE POET.