GEN PAWÒL PA GEN BOUCH pa Donald D. William

An interwoven collection of Haitian Creole short stories.


(Miami, FL) June 2016 – Author Donald D. William draws his readers in with archetypical Haitian characters, moving through their everyday lives in pursuit of love and the avoidance of loss. In “Ge Pawòl Pa Gen Bouch" readers are perched like birds on a wire casting a delicious vouyeur's eye into the lives of lushly painted character. These contemporary vignettes of everyday life, love, loss and hope are abundant in this new collection of recent short fiction from author Donald D. William. 

The stories pose very real contemporary questions and offer provocative answers. How does the individual navigate lust in a society who's very identity is currently based on 'want.' Within the confines of the collection we find characters engaged in various pursuits; one is love lorn for a woman he left behind in Haiti, another seeks redemption another still lusts for a life far away from Haiti. These immediate/base needs outstrip and thus transcend virtually all other pedestrian needs in contemporary Haiti. The need for hope (espere) weaves gingerly through each story with varying consequences in this delightful book.

The stories are presented in serial style and are all tangentially related by the theme of want, love and loss in various forms. Mr. William’s characters are well sketched, present and deeply accessible to the reader.
— Jerry Delince, Publisher

ON SALE June 1, 2016
IMPRINT Édition Delince
GENRE Fiction (short story collection)
BINDING Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-1-944556-28-0
LANGUAGE Kreyòl Ayisyen
PRICE $14.99 US / $22.00 Can. / €14.0


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About the author

Don D. William was born and raised in Port au Prince Haiti and currently resides and works in the United States.